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The following Owners would be happy to provide references concerning Moonlight Akitas.

Joe & Lee Ann live near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their Kato (Ch Moonlight's Rafferty-4 yrs) and Ventana (3 yrs) enjoy Colorado life and weather. They especially love the snow and the cold weather. When the temperatures are below zero, they act like its nothing. We love our Akitas.

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Amanda & Darin live in Arizona with Lilly (3 yr Akita), Niko (1 yr husky) and two cats. They acquired Lilly when she turned one year old. She and Niko are inseparable. In the evening everyone is in the living room and at the foot of the bed at night. Lilly is the perfect dog, and such a great big sister. She and Niko play together all day and sleep together at night. She loves her three mile walks, and is so protective around strangers but gentle around friends and family. She is a great example for Niko—he has learned a lot from her. Thanks so much for her, and for bringing her into our lives. She is such a joy.


Joe lives with two Akitas "Mysti" (shown) and "Kona" and one mixed breed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They often take Joe for walks and love to ride in the truck.  "Mysti" was retired from the show ring needing one major to finish--she didn't like to show off--she prefers to lay about at home. 


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Kelley & Glen have two Akitas and reside in Tucson. Atika (5 yr) was joined by Yoshi (1 yr) in early 1998. Yoshi is a special Akita, she is deaf. Her mom Kelley is also very special—a beautiful paraplegic young woman with a doctorate in deaf studies. Kelley and Glen have trained Atika to respond to full hand signals and voice commands and are currently working with Yoshi. They have this to say:

"We can’t thank you enough for giving us Yoshi. She is absolutely beautiful and extremely smart. She already knows sit, stay, down, come, move, leave it, inside, outside, and okay. She is very visual—pays attention to facial expressions (happy, that a no-no, etc.) and always keeps within visual range of Glen or me. She is great with people, and absolutely loves children. She doesn’t startle easily, even with kids. Her personality is great—we love her to pieces. Thank you. P.S. Yoshi and Atika are good buddies—we’re amazed at how well they get along!"


Anthony Matos lives in Phoenix, AZ and owns Molly who is now three years old.  Molly's best friend is the cat, they play and sleep together.   Molly's family just grew, a two legged baby arrived over one year ago, she has adjusted well to the newest family member. 


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Que (Ch Moonlight's Que-5yrs) went to live with Todd in Farmington, New Mexico.  Todd has another Akita named Shokan.  Que is the most fun and adoring girl alive.  It take alot to make this beautiful white tried.  Todd calls says she is one BUFF Bitch--99#s of pure muscle.  She had one litter but has not been able to conceive since that time and has been spayed.


Torri is a lovely black brindle spayed female that resides in Flagstaff, Arizona with her owner Max.  Max's household consists of numerous friends and their dogs.  Torri is a very passive female and gets along with the other 6-8 dogs in the household as well as all the other dogs they see at the lake.  Max and Torri have such a bond that she is never more than fifteen feet away from him when off leash. 


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Full names were omitted intentionally.  If you desire to actually receive a formal recommendation from any Moonlight Akita Owner, please feel free to ask for such, and addresses and/or telephone numbers will be provided.



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