CH Starfire's Cool Hand Luke

Born January 1st, 2002

Co-owned by Miguel Ramos (Mexico City, Mexico) and Christina M. Stanley
Bred-by: Randy Anderson - Starfire Akitas

Luke is shown above in January 2004.

CH Kicho Na Glide With Me (sire) x  CH Starfire's Moonlight River (dam)


Sire/Dam Grandsire/dam GreatGrandsire/dam GrtGrtGrandsire/dam
Ch Kicho Na Glide With Me "Glider" Ch Jessam's Witz-End of Kicho Na Ch Arauko's Zoot Suiter Jessan Ch Apogee's Draco of Draconis
Arauko's Topless Tootsie
Sky Lake's Tahoe Baby Jessam Ch O'BJ High N Mighty No Goshen
Soreina Meisha
Ch O'BJ Catch The Wind Ch WW Can't Touch This Ch Regalia's Mountain Man
Ch WW Shiseido Sparkling Star
Ch The Pacer-Pattern O'BJ Ch The Widow-Maker O'BJ
Overhills Pacer
Ch Starfire's Moonlight River "Rio" BIS Ch Moonlight's Duke of Passion BIS/BISS Ch NorthStar's Siberian Express ROM Ch O'BJ Zack the Spotted Bear ROM
Ch Kuroi Kao Dallas Alice ROM
Ch NorthStar's Crime of Passion ROM Ch Koma-Inu Bronze Bruin ROM
CH Kuroi Kao Dallas Alice ROM
Daitan-Ni Halley Has Arrived Ch Ronin Kuma Ch Mokusei's Zeus of  Daitan Ni ROM
Dragonfire Cressida

Ch Koma-Inu Ms Liberty Daitan-Ni

Ch Koma-Inu Great White Hope
Masumi's Lady Sunshine ROM


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