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Akitas can have a longer coat.  It is a recessive gene that takes both parents to be carriers to produce; therefore a longcoat is usually not bred.   A longcoat is exactly like an normal coated Akita with the exception of the length and texture of the coat.  Longcoats are not shown as it is an undesired coat per the AKC standard. 

Longcoats make wonderful companions and don't require a significant amount of extra work to maintain the coat.  They shred twice yearly like a normal coated Akita, and look bigger than an average Akita due to the length of their coat. 

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Brown Longcoat
Moonlight's Shadow
Black Longcoat Puppy
Moonlight's Remington
Fawn Longcoat
Moonlight's Bear


Red Longcoat Female
Moonlight's "Osa"
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