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1997's Number One Akita Breeder in the Nation
19 Champions, Nine from the Bred-by Class
Breeder, Owner, and Handler Best in Show Winner
Top 20 winners in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999
Breeder/Handler of Winners Bitch/Best of Winners 1999 Akita National
Breeder/Owner/Handler of 1997s Akita National Reserve Winners Bitch
Breeder of wonderful companion Akitas made for loving


CH NorthStar's Crime of Passion ROM (3 years of age)
(click here to view Scarlett's pedigree)

I acquired my first Akita in 1988 from Wales, United Kingdom. Nikko, my first Akita, is an all white male from the Krug line. He is an companion (neutered-never bred) and is still going strong at ten years old. Moonlight Akitas began in 1991 with the purchase of my first show Akita Scarlett, Ch NorthStar’s Crime of Passion ROM. Scarlett became Nikko’s buddy. Scarlett took awhile to mature but when she was ready she finished in three weekends. Scarlett’s first litter was born in 1993, resulting in a Best in Show winner. Scarlett is now retired and has produced 9 champions with more on the way. Scarlett was spayed in 1997 and enjoys hanging out with Nikko.


CH Moonlight's Duke Passion (3 years old)
Winning a Best in Show under Judge Francine Schwartz
(click here to view Duke's pedigree)


My second show Akita was Ch Timbersky’s Moonlight Desire.  Desi was bred to BIS Ch Moonlight’s Duke of Passion (his first litter) which  resulted in three champions to date. She was spayed in 1996 and went to live with her new mom, Joan David.  Unfortunately, Joan lost Desi to bloat complications in the summer of 2001 at nine years old.  

Duke, my best buddy, began the Moonlight endeavor to produce very typical Akitas with good movement and a temperament that can be lived with.

Providing a quality companion, be it show or pet, and placing the Akita into a wonderful home, to be loved is a large endeavor. It takes a lot of time and effort and dedication, which is what Moonlight offers.  Please click here to visit the "Proud Owners" page and Owners willing to give a reference concerning Moonlight Akitas.


desi.jpg (37237 bytes)
Ch Timbersky's Moonlight Desire (2 years old)


Most Moonlight Akitas are of sound temperament and good health. They enjoy giving lots of kisses and like attention. They are easily trained and very responsive to the enforcement needed to insure a great dog. A quality dog takes a good amount of discipline with a loving hand and environment. Moonlight offers a sound basis for you to build on, and will assist in many ways to help a new owner achieve their goal—an Akita to live with.

Moonlight Akitas does not encourage all people interested in an Akita to actually acquire an Akita. Since the Akita is one of the most dignified and beautiful canines available, many prospective canine owners seek to learn more about the breed. Some of these potential Akita owners are going to be much better off with a Labrador, German Shepherd, or a smaller dog. If you desire an extremely obedient dog that always comes when called, a dog that can always be off leash at the park, and a dog that will be by your side craving attention—then an Akita is not for you. Please try another breed you will be much happier. However, if you are seeking a companion that has a mind of it own, one that can be stubborn and determined to try to have its own way, a dog that can pretend to not hear your calls, and a very affectionate and loving companion  then an Akita might be for you. 

Click here to see photos of the different colors of Akitas, and photos of longcoated Akitas.

My Scarlett has made a big contribution toward establishing the type of Akita Moonlight produces. Through her pups, grandpups, great-grandpups, and great, great-grandpups Moonlight will continue this tradition. I hope you enjoy your time looking through the Moonlight Experience.


chscar.jpg (20043 bytes)
My "Scarlett" (Ch NorthStar's Crime of Passion ROM)


A little about me, Christina Stanley, call name "Chris", who is very addicted to Akitas and dog shows.  Even though I have a bachelors in business with a major in accounting, I choose to work full time for Monarch Properties, Inc. (a property management firm) as an administrative assistant.  I have the greatest boss, Jack MacGillivray, who is an AKC judge of poodles (his breed-- in which he had many top show dogs).  Working for a understanding dog enthusiast enables me to have the freedom required to enjoy my dog habit. J

I have personally shown and trained most of my dogs.  I also show other breeds (Labradors, Boxers, German Shorthair Pointers, Bullmastiffs, Brittanies, Alaskan Malamutes, and even some small dogs).  Showing is another world in which I love to get people involved.

I am a member of the Rio Grande Kennel Club (of which I have held the position of Treasurer for 2 years), Land of Enchantment Akita Club (as President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, or Board Member and I'm currenty the Vice President) and a member of the Akita Club of America (ACA).

Moonlight Akitas is currently located out in the mountain country east of Albuquerque, New Mexico on six acres with my friend, Brian, who shows and breeds Alaskan Malamutes.  The dogs love the cooler weather and especially like the snow  that we have at this elevation 7,000.

I truly love the Akita and can’t imagine life without one.  I live the Moonlight Experience.

*Register of Merit is a title given to an Akita by the Akita Club of America (ACA) when a male has sired ten or more AKC champions or a female has produced five or more AKC champions.


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