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Akita Colors


Akitas have a wide range of colors as shown below.  Please remember that the color of your Akita should not be as important as the Akita's health, temperament and type.  Finding an Akita that fits your personality is also more important than the color. 

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Color: Light Red
Moonlight's Zip Zow Zara
Color: Black and Red Brindle
Moonlight's Abuse of Power
Color: Fawn (very light brown)
Moonlight's Cybil


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Color: White
Moonlight SunRun Zia Challenge
Color: Black Brindle Pinto
Moonlight's Oso de Santa Fe
Color: Gray or Silver
Moonligh'ts Mystical Maya


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Color: Brown w/ White Markings
Moonlight's Kyoshi
Color: Undermarked Pinto
(white body with colored head)
Moonlight's Oreo
Color: Red
Moonlight's Kato's Last Chance


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Color: Black Brindle w/ Split Mask
Moonlight's Power Play
Color: Light Red w/ Black Mask
Moonlight's Zip Zow Zara
Color: Black w/ White Markings
Moonlight's Rosie

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